Rain of Fire

I am a lover of fantasy. That is why it is so painful to watch this movie, however my intuition had told me that this would not be a good movie so it was a good thing I did not waste my money going to the movies. The acting is alright, but the plot seems lacking or should I say seems so simple that it is not worth mentioning. There is some cool special effects but that is the joy of dragons. If you truly enjoy fantasy, I suggest “Excaliber� and/or “Merlin� the TV mini-series, granted both deal with King Arthur, but on a different note is the glorious “Lord of the Ring� trilogy or even “Harry Potter�. I feel that the glory of fantasy is not about good versus evil, not about some other realm beyond the realm of our imagination or in legends, fantasy is glorious when the characters are fantastic too. I was not really all that inspired by the cast. I did not feel drawn to the story and just felt like it was just a boring attempt to burn things up. Perhaps as I grow older, I am growing tired of action movies, or perhaps I am just more desensitized by the sensationalism of the news and of bloody movies, that action seems so tame. Oh, well. I just suggest you find something else to rent/watch.
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