Not So Sweet November

This is a bittersweet story about Keanu Reeves as an edgy advertiser and a woman who lives as a free spirit. This couple reminds me a lot like the TV show “Darma and Greg.� Charlize Theron does a fantastic job as Sara Deever, a vegan who believes in living each day fully. I am pleased to see Keanu taking a serious dramatic, romantic role however his flat voice (i.e., no inflection) leads me to believe Keanu has a long way to go before being a romantic lead. I cannot speak for all women but sensitivity is a quality that is best used for a male lead in romance. Keanu Reeves is superb in “The Matrix,� however he needs to show some true love and true sorrow to grab me. Who can fall in love with a cardboard figure, just so stiff and cold? There was a movie preceding this with the same title, but from what I can see (although I have not seen the previous movie) this later movie is loosely based on the previous movie.
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