One Firefighter's Fight Against Terrorism

This was a typical Arnold Schwarzenegger movie with explosions and action. There are a few plot twists to make the film amusing. The terrorists acts of the Columbian guerrilla fighters in the movie brings home the general consensus of the world, that the US feels it is the police of the world. There is the bit of truth that the US military whether on purpose or by accident has killed innocent civilians in other countries, rarely do we, Americans, get to hear how many casualties there were from these other countries. I feel that this us versus them mentality, although good for bringing Americans together, does have a slight connotation that we are somehow more moral or superior to these other people. Americans are spoiled. We impose our views on other people/nations without questioning “hey what makes this other country tick?� Yes, yes, as an anthropologist I do have a biased view that we should try to learn from one another. People all over the world have a few basic similarities. As the film shows, people want to make a better tomorrow. Granted some people are more willing to risk more to make that happen. Why this soapbox, you may ask? Let us be honest, regardless of circumstances, every person was someone’s son or daughter.
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