A Little Boy's Search for Mother's Love

I have watched this film twice, and I cried through the end the second time as freely as the first time. This movie has stunning scenery. The graphic arts and set designers have made this movie a real treat. The main questions of the movie are: “What is love?� and “What is life?� “Bicentennial Man� has had similar themes with a completely different approach, but also has a sad ending. I enjoyed the acting and characters in “A.I.� except for the mother, Monica. She was a woman who seemed too emotional to seem realistic. At times I wanted to slap her to her senses. I recommend watching this movie as long as you are not a sappy person, in which case you might need some tissues. The movie has a couple of surprises but I admire how every part is interconnected. Teddy, the super-toy teddy bear, is a jewel bot in terms of cuteness and humor in this film.
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