Principles and Values

There were some real gems of a theme here. The idea of double standards about women and men has been a topic of a few films where if a woman has sex she is a whore and if a man has sex he is a stud, and women who abstain from sex are prude and those men who abstain from sex maybe considered waiting for the right lady. Other themes of the movie on a smaller note are adultery, abortion, and separation of church and state. I did find the glancing over of perjury not realistic. I would certainly not consider democracy as a religion, but hey it is a unique idea.

The true theme that the film editors smartly made subtle was the idea of greatness, integrity, and honesty. I find that the best themes are the ones that take a little thinking to be inspired by. It is the gentle beauty that may be truly more astounding than beauty that slugs a person behind the head. It is truly those people who stuck to their ideals and beliefs against the odds that bring a shining star to this world and encourage us all to strive to greatness.

However when it comes to the movie itself, the movie lacks a few things. There is a lot of fluff holding this film back from being something to sleep through. The excitement begins then quickly tapers off. Do not be fooled!!! This is no thriller, and yes it is all politics. If you are anything like me and find press conferences completely boring, well we both agree this movie could have used a little pizzaz. Thank your lucky stars that they did not put in all the scenes that they took out The acting performances were outstanding. Some of the camera shots were interesting but nothing remarkable. The dialog was superb. I found the tempo to slow and thus the potential for the themes to blossom was lost. If the tempo of the scenes was picked up a notch, have a different soundtrack, and better plot twists there could have been some real hope for the movie. Otherwise it is not that much different from real life, and by gally don’t we usually watch movies to escape reality MOST of the time. The American public already have a sense that many politicians are corrupt, heck many of my international friends know that. Also, just making the film dark does not make it sinister, it just makes it hard to see people’s faces.

The salvation for this movie could have been to make or encourage me to feel for the characters. Sadly there was only one dynamic character, the president, and the only traits I could see in him is changing some of his political spinning plus he ate a lot. Feeling for people comes from both relating to people but also seeing the yin-yang of human existence. Humans are part of evolution and we as intelligent beings change. Sterile 2-D characters just make the story hard to swallow unless the characters are just there as scenery, and it cannot be the main character.

So, if you can survive sitting through the feature enjoy the subtle themes, otherwise remember to thy ownself be true. Follow your own ethics, because if you do not stand up for yourself, who will?

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