A Snow Job

Do you enjoy dancing and singing? I found this movie to have more of a plot than “Singing in the Rain,� but perhaps I am only saying that because it has been awhile since I saw the movie and I did not like “Singing in the Rain� that much. I am jealous of the seamless dance moves, granted I do not know any dance steps. The plot is interesting, but let is be honesty, do we always need too see perky people. If they are going to be so happy, let us see them very sad. Perhaps I just want to see the heart-wrenching pain if I am going to see candy coated bunny rabbits (if you know what I mean). There seems to be something corny about people bursting into song about snow and falling asleep counting my blessings, although in the big scheme of things a pinball wizard is not that far off from being corny either. Maybe it is all relative and in every generation there are just some songs that define that time period and only seem cool at the time.
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