Walking on the Edge of Eternity

My major objection to this movie is that the tempo is like molasses, so slow that you might drift off to sleep. I am not sure if I intend the pun or not, however the visuals are out of this world. George Clooney’s performance was nothing less then stunning. This movie toys with many controversial questions: what is reality, is there a God, if there is a God what is It and It’s purpose, what is death? The movie implies sitting around trying to figure out these questions might lead one to die trying. Also the movie states there are no answers, just choices. I find this last statement rather profound. Funny how the simple responses can be so moving. That is all our lives are just a serious of events formed by the choices we make. I enjoyed the whole movie and if it wasn’t for the tempo and perhaps a true stance on the questions it raises. I, myself, need to ponder what life and reality is. Once a person has fulfillment, the mind wanders to other realms for exploring. I suggest you open your minds to this movie and beginning to ponder what life means to you.
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