A Big Flop

The first half of the movie I found dumb and at times gross. I turned off my TV in fact and moved on to other things. I do not find humor in the gross things in life. I do not find humor in violence, in bathroom humor, or in the pain of others. The last half hour sort-of redeemed the movie (but only somewhat). The boy in the movie was incredibly adorable. After seeing “Punch Drunk Love,� I have noticed that it must be an Adam Sandler trademark to get/act REALLY angry. I understand that anger is a healthy emotion and has its place in the world. However, glorifying anger or showing anger is funny is not my idea of fun and may give the impression that the by-product of hostile emotions is good. There needs to be a happy medium between exploding with anger and holding anger within. I am done with my soapbox.
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