Dropping the ball

Limo driver Whoopi Goldberg (the Eddie of the title) ends up coach of a dreadful New York Knicks when the new owner - Wild Bill - dismisses the old coach

First off, why go through the rigamarole of having a contest if Whoopi has already met the new owner by driving him in from the airport. They try to pass it off as a rigged contest, but at this point, it's way obvious what's going to happen. Why not get it over with at the limo and move on to the interesting stuff.

Whoopi battles the team for respect, but only starts getting it when taking an interest in what's going on with them off the court. Then of course, we have a turn around. Then the team starts looking to reach the playoffs, and it comes to the last game of the season - with Charlotte, where the old coach has been picked up. They set it up as a kind of final showdown but then bait-and-switch us and make Wild Bill the bad guy for wanting to sell the Knicks to folk who'd move the team to St. Louis. Then you've got your literal everyone-has-to-stand-together, rousing popular opinion sort of ending.

Why can't they do anything not so predictable in here? Maybe all the cameos here would make a difference to someone in New York City, but it falls flat to an outsider. I laughed in places, but I just couldn't get into it.

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