Well at Least You are Alive

Despite having John Malkovich as the narrator of the movie, this film is a huge disappointment. Yes, the airplane crash does not make for a happy movie, but this movie drags on like you were one of the crash victims waiting to die. The movie tries to show all of the different survivors and victims but there is no real depth. Sure there is some crying, but the writers do not really go into the true feelings of the victims. This really could have been a news report instead of a gripping movie.

I am not sure who to blame for some of the stupidity shown (whether the writers or those unfortunate soccer players), but survival 101 states that heat is essential. The survivors should have been trying to build a fire the first night, not going around sharing cigarettes. Actually smoking is a bad thing to do anyway since often smokers have poor circulation to their hands and feet which would not be good in a cold climate.

The shining spot of this film is the beautiful shots of the mountains, trees, and lakes. Otherwise I was only pleased (in the film) to see the survivors rescued because then I knew the movie would soon end.

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