Proper Deportment of Pot Growers in Polite Society

Grace Trevethy's husband was a fairly unreliable sort and terrible at managing money, dabbling in one dodgy enterprise after another. Still, he provided for Grace in the manner she was accustomed all these years. But now he's dead, and Grace has discovered that she is more or less broke.

As she parts with furniture, the riding lawn mower, and other trappings of civilization, it becomes clear Grace needs to do something. Unfortunately for her, she's not trained for much beyond throwing a tea party. And gardening. She does have a gardener for keeping up the grounds, but she plays with breeding flowers and such...

The gardener, a Scot played by Craig Ferguson, is a recreational marijuana user - not along in this town, for sure - and is growing his own batch in a hidden part on the local church grounds. However, his plants haven't been doing to well, hiding in the shade there. It's not long before the obvious move of transplanting these casual-use plants into Grace's greenhouse turns into a large scale money-making operation.

Much of what follows is fairly obvious material, from needing to hide the plants, folk stumbling over what they think are tea leaves, to actually finding a way to sell their prodiguous supply. Though the material is not surprising, it's all handled in the most gentile manner, not unlike Grace's own polite English ways.

The ending is cute, but doesn't do much for me. I'd much rather see something that pairs up better with the beginning. If they'd considered what would have made a book with this plot end well, maybe they'd find something that works for me a little better.

I like the film, as I like Crawford's continuing offbeat efforts, but it doesn't do much to stand out from the crowd. This is one to stay tuned to if you run into it, but no need to seek it out.

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