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Now there are movies that go into uncomfortable territory and when its over, I'm left with the feeling it's a really good flick, but I'm not anxious to see it again. Such movies include The Piano, Schindler's List...

The Collector is similar territory, concerning a british chap (Terence Stamp) who kidnaps a young lady (Samantha Eggar) who he's developed a crush on from a distance. This is a familiar sort of plot for many american movies, where usually some hollywood hunks are in pursuit of the evildoer, and manage to eliminate same in a bloody orgy at the end of the movie. This is different.

No, brits are raised to be too darn polite. Much of the time, we find Mr. Stamp entering the cellar bearing breakfast on a tray and doing an impersonation of Anthony Hopkins in Howard's End. Apparently, the filmmakers want us to believe that, aside from this whole kidnapping thing, this chap's all right.

So in the end, it's a character piece, although much of it is foreordained by the circumstances. What prisoner doesn't want to escape? What kidnapper wants to lose their prey? But still, it's more mentally challenging than the usual hollywood fare. Watch for 60's-isms and some odd moments to modern sensibilities.

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