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I hate voiceovers. I really do. Almost every time I hear one, I keep wondering why they felt it was necessary, what inadequacy of the film they are trying to cover up. I know it's a tool that people use, even on purpose, for getting things across, but it tends to feel lazy to me. I do recognize my own bias here, and occasionally I feel something is added by having the voiceover there, but it's rare I'll give my blessing on the technique.

Love & Sex is not one of those. We center on Kate Welles (Famke Janssen), who provides the voiceover, and her relationships, especially that with painter Adam Levy (Jon Favreau), which can easily gauge from the start to be at least, the pivotal one in her life.

Of course, we see the typical moments of the relationship, the crises of conscience, the fallings out, the bad, bad breakup, and how they each deal with not being around each other. The material is familiar, but the treatment is actually fairly fresh - where else are we going to hear people say "I cheese sandwich you"?

The performances of our two stars are pitch perfect. I felt a serious connection between them and their actions, though the film threatens to throw us off by switching between comedy and heavier moments.

We even get quite reasonable use, in a pair of bit parts, out of such stereotyped and poorly used actors as Cheri Oteri and David Schwimmer.

I feel that Love & Sex actually is strong enough to make the voiceovers a non-factor, but the film doesn't quite offer us anything to be considered really good. I enjoyed it, mostly for the acting, but I imagine most of us will start becoming hazy on the details before a week or two passes.

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