scrooby, dooby .. doo-doo

what was waste of what could have been a decent movie to intoduce the young ones to the classics word of running in place, mystery solvin', innuendo layden world of Scoody Doo

The script was aweful... when even Rowan Atkinson of Mr BEan fame can't get a giggle out of you, you are in trouble.

I agree with Andrew's review that Matt Lillard was the only character that actually got used to some extent and with some range. But think that the rendered Scooby stole the show

The other characters were wasted and this is even more appearent in the DVD when you see all of the deleted scenes... especially Velma (Linda Cardellini)

This played more like a bad remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the characters are only related to Scooby Doo by name.

The whole evil Scrapy Doo thing was just wierd...

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