A MacGyver Spaghetti Western?

This chap Sabata is something like a James Bond in an old west setting, though the MacGyver comparison came first to me for all the clever contrivances he comes up with, like using an old style (though not for the time, obviously) record player on a wagon to convince his foes he's aboard. But really, Sabata is much different from both heroic ideals.

While Sabata is the sort to ride anonymously into town and create a stir through his deeds. He has an air of supreme confidence, and the aim of a man standing next to his target. He says little, but his actions say much. As to his character, he appears to stay within the letter of the law, but is motivated - at least partially - by money. He is smoother than Bond, and more clever than MacGyver, and even more a caricature than both of them put together.

The plot is complex-enough mishmash of a bank robbery and the local well-to-do folk trying to corner the market on land before the railroads come to the territory. We have a villain that comes close to matching Sabata in confidence, and enough hired thugs to fill a decade of sequels. The movie is packet with action, much of it more clever than your usual shootouts, from beginning to end. We can count the good guys on the fingers of one hand, it's not possible to count the bad guys, and everyone who is left we begin to wonder about.

It's hard for me to put my finger on why this movie works, but it's much like a good bond film. We don't watch wondering what my actually do in Sabata, but what clever thing he's going to do next. It's all about the execution here, and the plot does us the favor of keeping it interesting in the meantime.

The redub into English (from Italian, of course) mostly works, but there places where it matches up poorly. Oddly, the most notable spots are where music is being played, which should have been easier to accomplish.

As pretty much an action film, there's not a lot of depth here, but it fulfills its own mission very well, and its an enjoyable ride.

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