This is something of a crime suspense/thriller for very young kids. Why did they think this would work? The other sign about the quality of this one is that it stars Joe Piscopo, whose career fell so far off the map in the nineties, he's still searching for it.

A kidnapping of sorts - or perhaps I should call it a babynapping - is the story here, though we have to sit through a lot of simple farce, including baby swapping, before we get there. We have the bumbling kids, a babysitter, a man (Piscopo) who owes money to local criminals, his very pregnant wife, an NBA star, and various parents. Actually, everybody seems to have that bumbling quality except the NBA star.

The cringe-inducing dialog is enough to make me tune it out and find other things to focus on. Really, there's not much, though Piscopo's flowery woman's sweater he wears for the last half served to distract me a bit.

I don't know - maybe this one will appeal to children, but it simply didn't do a thing for me.

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