False, Shallow

This movie is bad, so bad I can't imagine coming up with a list hitting each point of badness contained herein.

The dreadfully overbearing soundtrack of warmed over new age tribal music mainly serves to distract us from what's on screen - itself not an inherently bad thing.

Why did I bother continuing to watch this? Well, it has Kirsten Dunst, apparently getting in some of the experience necessary to mature as an actor. She is surrounded by television actors and unknowns, and to say she stands above her peers here is almost indistinguishable from an insult. Zachary Ty Bryan, as Dunst's brother, is particularly hard to watch - what passes on Home Improvement doesn't work in the more immersive film format.

The story is mixture of standard wilderness elements. A plain crash stranding these siblings, the fish out of water element of surviving there, the wise old native showing how to live off the land and respect for nature, the poachers who are unnaturally kill-happy.

The point of the film is brought firmly and squarely upon our heads so many times you'll find yourself sunk into the floor up to your waist.

It's not quite among the worst out there. The plot holds together well, and even has a couple good moments. The editing is decent, despite covering for a fairly low budget. And I guess the makeup and costuming departments did But some basics of craft are not enough. Unless you're a glutton for punishment like me, simply flee from this one.

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