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I am not one of the flock. I never read Tolkien's tales and I think that this puts me at a handicap with this movie. The movie flies by many of the details that I think would be necessary for me to be more involved. As such, I felt like I was watching a series of action-movie vignettes with an odd collection of characters that I didn't feel much empathy for. I know others can answer the questions I have, but I think that is the movie's job - not mine. Why do the rings have power? Why are the nine men the only ones enslaved? What is the genepool-caste system all about (hobbits are farmers, elves are magical)? Why are the women only elves fairies or. Too many inside assumptions made this less satisfying. I enjoyed the footage, but I won't camp out for the second installment. The gigantic hammer wielding characater was well done. The goblin like characters were great. The setting of middle earth seemed adequate. (I don't know what middle earth is supposed to look like, or why it is even in the middle). Elijah Wood as Frodo seemed ok. So, for the most part, it was a good fanatasy yarn.
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