'N Sufferable

So, do you think a couple members of a superstar boy band can up and decide to make a movie one day and have it be good?

It doesn't work, at least this time around. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone from 'N Sync are our perpetrators and if anyone every walked into the M.O. for music to acting crossover, these guys have done it.

It makes a lot of sense, actually. As an agent or a producer, you're going to want to give a relatively inexperienced person an easy setup - roles close to who they are, close to what their image is. That way, there's a reasonable chance the acting will slide by, convincing enough, and if it backfires, there won't be a huge amount of career damage.

The next question here is whether the script has been floating around, waiting for someone to greenlight it with the right stars, or if the script was written purely as a vehicle for these guys. I'm stumped, honestly, though I'd have to give the edge for a specially written script for all the bad cover songs we see on screen (mainly from Fatone).

The story revolves around Bass having met some pretty young thing on the train, hitting it off tremendously, and spending the rest of the film trying to find her again. On top of his social ineptitude, he has to deal with his stupid friends - which, of course, includes Fatone.

Watching this is pretty painful, and I have to put the immediate cause on the script. The premise isn't a bad one, but there is such a lack of depth, in the characters, in the plot, that would make me wonder if the movie was originally just an 'N Sync song, and they turned each line into about five pages of awful banter. Did the writer get skittish at creating any challenging dialog? Or did the whole thing get cut to pieces during editing?

Aside from the lack of depth, the second major problem is that there's no reason to care if these people get together. Bass lets his friends run roughshod over his dignity and it seems only fitting that he suffers for it. The girl is going through the motions of someone waiting to see the dentist. We also have Dave Foley and Jerry Stiller doing strong character bits that only provide distraction, no illumination, and seem overacted compared to the rest of the cast.

For the moment, all I can reason is that this film was made because there'd be a certain built-in audience. To paraphrase another member of 'N Sync appearing in a cameo during the credits, the movie 'N Stinks.

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