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Watching the first minutes of this. I wonder who this is being marketed to. Charlie Sheen fans? It's seems like the typical Sheen role - the self-centered lying corporate type who gets himself into a pinch and has to lie some more, only now he needs to grow as a human being in order to be successful.

Midway through and let's check in. The plot is progressing nicely, no huge surprises. And it seems like just about every secondary character has a familiar face. That's not a problem, but it calls attention to itself, especially if you don't have much else to think about. And oh, here's a romantic interest for or lead actor.

Things are winding up, and the plot is being tied up in a nice little bow. The final twist is telegraphed so far in advance, I personally can't believe the actors when they say how screwed they are. But what audience doesn't want to feel smarter than the characters on screen?

In the final analysis, this isn't offering much. Don't watch it for the acting or the plot. The banter's not bad, but is that enough?

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