A B-Movie Yawner

I saw this movie with the Mystery Science Theater 3000. I figure that it is Halloween time so it is good to see something on the darker side of life, although B-Movies are more comedy then horror. The writing is not all that great, and there are some terribly long pauses in dialogue that I suppose are there to add tension but only make me yawn. The movie is about this farm lady who is actually a witch and her great grand mother is also from the dark side going around killing people. With “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer� and “Witches� one can understand that not all witches are evil, so the idea that the woman is possessed by Satan does not need to be the case to be a witch. I thought the main male lead was kinda cute, and I loved his car. I suggest watching it with Mystery Science Theater 3000, else I suggest renting some other flick.
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