For Once a Perfect Movie Title

At first, it just seemed that there would be these scenes with loud noises, perhaps to increase anxiety in the viewer. The cinematography just seemed like lots of motion and special effects with camera shots without anything to add to the plot other than “Look, what I can do,� (which reminds me a bit of “Full Frontal� that way). There are two scenes with just colors swirling around. The music for the most part sounds like cooking utensils or some young child with a spoon and pots, not the pleasant music from regular instruments (not too say that I do not adore a nice saw with a violin bow). There is also the song from the movie “Popeye� sung by Olive Oil.

A good movie to me envelopes someone to the point when one bonds with the story, characters and everything to the point when one is part of the movie and is so involved like it is ones own life. I felt separate from the movie, which encourages the idea that I did not like it much. The music nor the cinematography helped make me feel a part of the story.

“Mother, May I Sleep with Danger� is a little like this in that there is some male with violent tendencies and possibly obsessive desires. I might have found the movie more amusing had I not noticed similarities between Barry and my ex-boyfriend. At the end of the movie I would have talked to the female character and told her that she is making a big mistake with him.

Since this movie is thought and emotion provoking, I would be inclined to give the movie high remarks, however with the odd music and visuals, it is given a mediocre grade.

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