Anatomy of a Relationship

This movie goes through the whole scenario of a relationship. The gitty very beginning, the passionate rest of the beginning, the noticing of differences towards the middle, the break-up, and later the sense getting back together. Also included are the friends of the two lovers. The friends at first feel unimportant when the lovers spend more time together then anything else, so the friends want to separate the lovers. Later on when the lovers have broken up, the friends do not like how their friends are dysfunctional and try to hook the lovers back together.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Most of my reviews I try to stay away from telling the whole plot because good movies are like good books where it is best to discover the movie on one’s own. It is just that this plot is just so transparent and the characters are so typical that there is no real insight with this movie. In fact many people’s lives can easily fit into this movie. The power of art is sometimes to challenge us to feel or think of something new. This movie does neither. I think that focusing on ones own relationships will be a more productive use of time.

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