A sequel that battles with the Origional!!

If you liked the first one, you will ove American Pie II! I have to admit I had a lot of angst when getting this movie. I had heard from several people that it was better than the first and as you know, that jsut doesn't happen often. Well, I stand corrected. This movie was great, a return of all of the origional cast as well as advancing all of their lives to a believable place. The return of Sheffler really made me roll, as well as the introduction of his perverted little brother! This movie, like the first, deals with all of the issues that guys go through as they first find themselves in sexual positions (pun intended) with partners and them selves. This one is a laugh a minute! If you liked the first one, don;t waste the money renting the sequel, just buy it and save your self the rental fee.
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