Men, Women, and Sex

This is "Brief Crossing" for people like me that do not speak French beyond Bonjour and merci =) This picture had some long scenes of walking. I think unless there is some picturesque scenery or some emotional development, the walking scenes should be cut short. This movie is done mostly in French with some British English, which works. There is some complete frontal nudity of both a female and a male (which is so rarely done in movies). It just seems so easy in movies to get away with nude women but no nude men. Anyway the plot is somewhat subtle since I am not quite sure whether the main female lead, Alice, is a genuine disassociated woman who finds her life so dull that adulteress acts are legitimate, or that she is just a soulless manipulator who always gets what she wants. The younger, male is Thomas who equates love with sex.

Interesting how in America the stereotype is that it is the male who sees sex as just an activity and the female as adding an emotional element to sex, while in this film it is the opposite. However, Alice notices this stereotype and perhaps she is trying to turn the tables on “them� (Alice has this great desire to generalize about men and always include Thomas in her whining).

I did not want this picture to end when it did. There did not seem to be a point, unless of course I just wanted to see Thomas find true love or for Alice to see how reckless she is treating her body and her soul. It is a fairly realistic film in that there is nothing fancy about the movie. The actor that plays Thomas, Gilles Guillain, is quite good. He really shows us love, affection, and heartbreak with true emotion.

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