Go Go Flim Flam Con Game

Curley, a man on the run from the Military Police meets an old codger con-man, Mordecai Jones, on the road. They become fast friends, and Curley becomes Mordecai's shill. They proceed from small town to small town, making small and medium-sized scores. Curley falls for Bonnie Lee, the daughter in a family that they scam. They have a truly crazy car chase (perhaps even "chase" isn't the right word), and then the heat really gets turned up on them. Bonnie Lee gets Curley thinking about turning himself in so he can go legit. But then the authorities follow him back to their camp, and arrest them both before he has a chance.

The film wraps up around an interesting set of ethical choices by Curley. We really can't take it all that seriously, though. This whole thing builds upon ridiculous situations, then leans back and let's us enjoy the characters for a bit. It's fun to watch George C. Scott as Mordecai - probably the best part of the film. Curley makes a decent straight man, but doesn't really surprise us much. We even see MASH's Col. Potter, Harry Morgan, as Sheriff Slade, and he adds a fair amount of color on his own.

Overall, Flim-Flam Man is a slow paced, quaint film, which is easy enough to watch, but pretty forgettable.

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