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On his last day of work at the CIA headquarters, Robert Redford reminisces over his life with Brad Pitt while playing "games" with his coworkers. Pitt's life is at stake in a prison in China as he has apparently gone rogue, doing an unauthorized mission. The approach is artsy, not really what you would call an action movie, dealing mainly with the interplay between these two.

Where it doesn't work is in making the "present" timeline work - they keep printing the time on the screen, anticipating when Pitt will be executed. We don't ever feel the threat of Pitt's death. Redford's machinations are clever and fun to watch, but it's mainly just showing off rather than problem solving, which is what it's meant to be.

The film is very watchable though for how well the characters interact - there's a probably unintentional homoerotic thing going between Redford and Pitt. The individual moments are good, but the big picture is lacking.

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