Finding One's Place

This is a sweet tale, and has some amusing plot twists. Sabrina is such a gentle and loving person. I thought she was beautiful even before the famous haircut. The three main characters are trying to find their place in the world of love. There are a number of laughs, but this is mostly just a snuggly romance. Harrison Ford had been voted and I think once at least once the hottest male actor, and it shows. The story teaches us that it is not money but happiness and love that is the most important (too bad a kiss cannot pay the mortgage). The cinematography is ok as is the sound track.

What I enjoy about the movie is how there is hope for everyone. People who have felt like a misfit because of their looks or their socio-economic class can find a place that they belong, a place to call home, to find acceptance. Along this journey, a person can find love even if it is not who they were pursuing.

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