This is not the Pootie Tang I thought I knew

Pootie Tang is an attempt to create a comedy with a complete Hip Hop sensibility. It's a bit of throwback to films of the seventies, such as Shaft - the soundtrack occasionally even wanders away from pure Hip Hop to recapture the mood of that era.

Pootie Tang himself is the ultimate Hip Hop personality. Successful, suave, and almost completely impossible to understand. He can dodge bullets, make a hit song out of silence, and have any woman he wants. The bad people are corporate types who want to spoil Pootie's pure, unselfish stance.

The movie stays true to its style and mood, but that's all there is to it. The plot is so wafter-thin, it turns invisible if you look at it on end. It goes wrong from the start with heavy voice overs and Bob Costa, through way too many supporting characters played by Chris Rock, and too many pointless turns that are about the gag of the moment rather than building anything. The scenes are spit out of a video blender without much regard for order, with all this talking-about-the-movie self-awareness layered on top.

Flee. As fast as you can.

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