Clever, but Dumb... so Dumb

The arch-nemesis in Leonard Part 6 speaks that prescient line - "Clever, but Dumb" - referring to how Bill Cosby's character is dealing with what she throws at him - which is about the perfect way to sum up the film. It is clever, or at least trying to be, almost every moment through. The problem is that the humor is so transparent as to not be funny. Dumb indeed.

Leonard is a "super spy" - the kind of profession that only exists in the media. He is called out retirement to battle a woman who is trying to take over the world by doing things to animals. Yes, really.

The film is supposed to be a comedy. That's the only way to explain battle scenes involving ballet, psychotic birds, and meat as a weapon. The film seems made up on the spot. There's no real continuing narrative, just an unimaginative premise, and a fair amount of effort spent on special effects - which is not the same thing as spending a fair amount of money. I'm sure a lot money was spent actually, but the effects end up just looking cheap on screen.

The soundtrack is purely insipid, throwing in familiar but just wrong music every few minutes. We even have the theme from St. Elsewhere playing while Leonard is operating on HIMSELF. On top of the music is a series of (un)timely voiceovers that primarily reveal that almost no time - or at least thought - was spent on the screenplay.

The only bits that vaguely work here are - surprise - when Cosby is interacting with his family. But they are far enough part they don't even register. Part 6 may be all that we'll ever see from this series of one. It seems the makers of the film knew that ahead of time and padded their statistics.

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