What else is in there?

The premise of this film is ingenius - Betty Lou, a librarian, stumbles upon a gun while walking the dog. Her husband, Alex, is a detective, so she thinks to bring it to him. She tries to call him, tries to deliver it in person, but he's too busy. In fact, ignoring her to her face has been the pattern with both him and many of the people around her for some time.

Betty Lou ends up shooting a mirror (I'll let you see the movie to learn how that happens), and that starts to get people's attention, since, as it turns out, the gun was used in a recent murder - the first in many years in this small town. But still everyone makes excuses for Betty Lou rather than listening to her, so out of nowhere, she claims to be guilty of the murder.

Now, people listen to her. They respect her. She gets to meet new and interesting folk, and enjoys all this new attention, and especially frustrating her husband.

And then the movie turns conventional. We introduce actual bad guys, find out there are secrets to uncover, and personal danger is introduced to the characters. They don't drop the character-driven aspects that have gotten us this far, but they are completely in the back seat by the end credits.

Why is it so many movies have to resort to gun pulling and shootouts at the end when that has nothing to do with the story? They say it's impossible to be original anymore - that every story has been done one way or another a thousand times. Maybe that's so, but the opening of this film is fun, about character, and fairly refreshing - why couldn't they keep that going?

But I hear people out there saying, "The title is The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag!" I can't argue with that statement, but really, the gun in that handbag is really just a device to make things happen with the characters. Its existence does not require gunplay before the end of the movie.

It's not that they didn't set up the second half of the movie, but that the second half is not true to the first half.

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