Silly romantic pap seeks serious side that can compete

First off, this is the first I've seen of Freddie Prinze Junior, and all I can see is he seems like a less annoying David Schwimmer. But perhaps that's the material. It's cute, sentimental - the exact kind of thing I enjoy, but it's lacking. It's a romantic comedy with little credible threat to the characters staying together - much the same thing I fault in Sleepless in Seattle. Let me take that back, slightly. We are presented with threats, in fact the real world kind that threaten real couples. It is telling that we don't get even a glimpse of these issues until past the thirty minute mark, when our couple are well established and we are almost begging for something to go wrong. The problem is that the tone of the movie undercuts their impact. This is a film where the main characters break the fourth wall to speak to the camera and there is general silliness around the procedings. In the end, it's not sure if it's a fluff piece or a serious drama, and the film suffers for it.
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