“Never Say Goodbye�

This is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and I feel that it makes a little more sense to me for the movie then “Moonlight Mile� by the Rolling Stones which I never even heard of before this movie. Perhaps if I tried to listen to the lyrics I could find out why they chose this song as the title. The acting is superb. I sense that Dustin Hoffman might get an award for best supporting actor and Susan Sarandon for best supporting actress. I see bright futures for Jake Gyllenhaal and Holly Hunter. This movie is ripe with emotion, and no doubt in some sense some meaning. The camera shots are interesting because they are not what you would expect. I really enjoyed this movie. I feel that the take home message might be that it is ok to grieve for a loved one, but there comes a time when you should take the good things with you and leave that which hampers your own life.
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