Scenes of Others Going Down

This movie is just various scenes from people’s lives that all revolve around the central focus, Igby. Igby may at times have bad circumstances but he is the only one not afraid to change and move on. He listens to his own drummer and may at times fail and get down on himself, but he always seems to find a way to a new idea or dream. The acting is ok, although Bill Pullman plays a wonderful crazy person, and even Susan Sarandon’s disinterested mother is unique. I was disappointed with Jeff Goldblum’s acting as a sugar-daddy uncle. I really enjoyed Jeff Goldblum’s acting in “Jurassic Park� (the first one). There is no central moral, question, or any reason to really see this flick. It is just has no real direction, just a series of events, and no depth. For a comedy, it was not all that funny. I thought this movie was a drama.
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