Mind’s Wide Shut

There was quite a bit of sexual content but supposedly the best stuff was edited for Americans and only through a European version will you get to see more explicit information. There is no real tension in the plot. Other then the sex, it is more of a yawner. The main character, Dr. William Harford, obsesses about his wife’s confession that she would have given up everything for one night with this one sailor, but nothing happened. It was a good idea to use black ‘n white shots to show what he was thinking about, however I doubt many people think in black ‘n white. The twist on the story is that he is the one that is being the more unfaithful. While nothing was every going to happen with the wife’s desires, the “good� doctor has had several opportunities to have anonymous sexual encounters, while the wife is at home taking care of their child. I would say that “Vanilla Sky� and “Minority Report� are much better Tom Cruise movies.
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