Good Enough for a Stooge

A Three Stooges short deserves a short review.

The down-on-their-luck Stooges flee into an office to avoid a cop. The men inside set them up to sell memberships in a duck hunting club. They end up ducking into the police station, ironically, to avoid the same cop, and end up selling duck hunting to the chief, a slew of police, and the mayor. The memberships are a scam and the Stooges have to come up with a reasonable facsimile of duck hunting for their customers.

How do you judge a Stooges short? By the standards of the Stooges, or more generic film standards? The short is manic, which is the point, with Larry, Moe, and Curly getting free of one situation after another.

The plot here is relatively dense, but for such a short film, they leave one major plot point hanging (what happens to the men with the duck hunting scam).

Everything is secondary to the current joke. The timing of people's movements around the opening watermelon scene is completely unrealistic. To a degree we must forgive these gaffes, because it's not meant to be realistic, but there's not much it really is trying to be either.

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