May the Farce be with you...

Ugh. Well, what can I say?

Lucas is trying to tell too much of his story in too short a time and he's trying to stay consistent with the earlier released movies.

It's definitely entertaining. The acting is not Oscar winning materials. Senator Amidala showed just enough for the Internet pervs to be downloading her image for years to come.

By far, the best scene was the Jedi duel between Tyranus and Yoda. Although, I would have liked to see Tyranus get his ass kicked by this 2 foot tall midget.

Samuel L Jackson, great actor and orator, but this role wasn't exactly his best. Where's Jules Winfield when you need him. He would have made short work of those droids.

The Stormtroopers were just plain bad-ass.

Eh, it's something for the kids.

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Review: Wow, depressingly bad star2/10 mastadonfarm

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