See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

These are the lines from my favorite musical set, since I enjoy the song after these lyrics. This is what a rock opera is about as opposed to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall� which is more theme like. It is interesting to imagine Jack Nicholson singing, Eric Clapton hanging out with Marilyn Monroe, and it is in the earlier part of Tina Turner’s career. There are a couple of disturbing scenes like lots of needles entering someone. This for the most part is just amusing, corny enough to be a comedy. Roger Daltrey looks really young.

I saw a concert video of Tommy. Steve Winwood was the hawker. I loved Billy Idol as the evil Cousin Kevin. Phil Collins was the sex starved Uncle Ernie. I did not see the Hollywood show of the rock opera. This concert also included more than the “Tommy� songs.

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