As near as I can tell from one viewing, this film is trying to be about the difference between living your life passionately versus letting things take their course. Parker Posey plays a writer needing to follow up on a bestselling period novel based on some old erotic french literature. The most telling moment is when her friend suggests that her new book is "making her horny". Of course, the effects end up turning her life upside down.

We have dreamlike enactments of the novel as its being written, which mirror what's happening in "real life" only exaggerated (do I really have to explain why that's in quotes?) - much like many a film since The French Lieutenant's Woman. The Misadventures of Margaret, more than most of those, seems to have the same spirit, but with some real whimsy, mostly resulting from anachronisms apparently introduced in the first draft (a laptop computer? really, it's there quite on purpose).

I should mention I saw this on WE (women's entertainment, formerly "romance" or some such thing), and they have a censorship policy, which gets rather annoying. In this case, the blurring, frame rate changes, and dropped out soundtrack didn't show up until toward the end. There wasn't enough material changed to really effect the review, but a smaller film like this may not show up on any other channels - so in the off chance you want to track it down based on this review, you may want to opt for video based on that fact.

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