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This is full of ideas, emotions, and the music is of course fantastic. I am a Pink Floyd fan. I have seen Roger Waters on one of his tours. My favorite song is “The Trial.� The animation is crude by today’s standards and at times violent and sexual. There is some nudity. As a musical story, the acting is non-existent and the cinematography is all right. There are tones on war, greed, violence, lust, skinheads, education, sanity, fame, love, and others that I am not fully aware of without many hours of watching. There are just so many layers that it really is complex. My problem is the drugs shown. I just do best not having drugs involved with my sex and rock ‘n roll. The whole idea of walls is something that I have seen in a few males. A number of American males tend to barricade themselves from the world. Each event that hurts people will encourage them to hide away. After awhile the self is so removed from people, that it is a great difference to even communicate with anyone.

I saw the “Live From Berlin� concert (when The Wall was torn down) on video. I did not care for Sinhead O’Connor singing “Mother.� It had one of the best versions of “Comfortably Numb.� The Soviet chorus is lovely.

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