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Jet Li is a rare commodity, so much so there's only a few of him left in the various parallel universes that have been discovered in The One.

Turns out, he's been killing himself off, trying to be the only One anywhere. It turns out the energy of each offed version of him is spread out among the survivors. His abilities, speed, and agility all increase with each kill.

There is a kind of inter-universe police force responsible for enforcing laws against the abuse of this multiverse. How are these laws created? It's not explained, but it doesn't seem to have come from a general vote. These folk are especially concerned, not just because this guy is a criminal, but because they fear all these universes might just explode with all the power of a multiperson in just One person.

Why would they think that? These universes may be parallel, but they do not seem very synchronized. So what happens at the end of a normal lifespan in this reality? It doesn't seem like they'd all die peacefully at the same time to keep the universe in order. This premise is extremely shaky. It could be explained by this policing force being composed of idiots, but there's nothing else to suggest that attitude in the film.

There's a lot of fighting, a lot of chasing, some melodramatic moments, and some needless plot twists. All in all, what we have is a movie plainly derived from the premise that if we know Jet Li is a bad ass fighter, capable of defeating anyone, then the only real challenge left is himself. If that makes it sound like there's no real acting involved here, well, the target demographic certainly isn't watching the film for such things.

In One sense, the film fulfills on its promise of fighting, fighting, and fighting, but as far as the pretense of story and character, it's a pretty threadbare attempt. If you're in the target demographic, it'll work well enough, but otherwise skip this less than average attempt at building a story around someone's physical abilities.

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