Don't We All Need Color

I had a lovely birthday, part of which was seeing this movie. This movie shows once again that Robin Williams has depth and the ability to fill different roles. Try not to let the trailer steer you away from just accepting the film for what it is, else you will be disappointed. This film has lovely cinematography too. One does get a great sense of the starkness of Seymour’s life. One can see why he enjoys working in a photo shop because it is the time he can dwell in color, dwell in someone else’s life. I was confused about the ending, whether it was fantasy or reality. I think that some point of the film is too show how some people never appreciate the smaller moments and not appreciate what they have. On the other hand, there are people so starving in character and life that they may do inappropriate things to fill their lives in order to have a life. This film seems to want to portray Seymour as crazy. I feel that in fact Seymour is just a poor, mistreated person that just needs a little color in his life. This movie is very subtle, and one of the cases that it is not what it says but what it doesn’t say that is important. It is thought provoking about the nature of humanity.
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