Second helping getting stale

American Pie was a pretty decent coming-of-age story, with fairly nasty gross-out humor and a good amount of human insight.

I feel like there's not much reason to go into the details of the film. It's the same characters, doing more or less the same things, only they're not so much trying to lose their virginities as trying to get laid, and the characters are getting together again after going off to college in different places at a beach house.

Every character comes back, one way or another. I think this was a mistake because it was simply impossible to achieve the same balance from the first movie. Different stories have bubbled up to dominance now, and even though the characters are given the same weight on screen, their stories no longer match up quite the same way. I hear the next sequel ("American Wedding" being the rumored title) will not have so many characters back due to the rising salaries of the actors who are now bonafide stars rather than the mostly unknowns from the first movie. There is some hope this next episode might have some better consistency.

Once you look past the story issues, the formula still works. The jokes are just as outlandish, many being merely new twists on gags in the first movie. It's still enjoyable, for sure. If you loved the first one, you'll love this one too, but it's simply just not as good a movie.

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