Assisted Self Storage, really

This clever little short features a married couple and the family friend, who is having an affair with the wife. It's time to clean out the garage, but there's a nefarious plan at work.

The core idea here is a very good one, which works all the more for being deep in a maze of self storage units. The story is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, and the mood fits to a tee, our characters smarmy and a little too sure of themselves.

The only problem is that we get hit over the head a little too hard with what are supposed to be subtle ironic lines. The film would have been better served by holding back and just letting things happen.

The film looks is very well done. The budget was around $30k, but as the writer/director Peter Brown works for 20th Century Fox, he was able to get a lot more than that in donated services. It sometimes amazes me how much money gets spent on short films, but here we can see on the screen the expense that went into it - and fortunately, it is teamed with directorial talent. Give more subtlety to the acting and a rewrite to the script, and we're on the edge of something pretty good.

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