Captures a style and mood

This is a fascinating black and white short about an uninteresting man who leases a room to a similar, but somehow interesting, woman. A fair amount of the style of this film seems borrowed from Brazil - a largely uncaring world, with harsh edges and a utilitarian flair.

The audio at my screening for some reason was pretty harsh, but given the overall quality of the film, I'm more inclined to blame the setup at the venue.

Everything else is pretty amazing - the locations and set dressing are an inspired future dystopian minimalism. The expressionist style is superbly played, and the words are sparse and well chosen outside some extraneous exchanges.

It's hard to tell how intentional symbolism is in this effort, but there's a lot to try to read things into, and the film would seem to work at a level more deeply than most shorts would. It would be great to see something full length along these lines. Most shorts-makers have something bigger they want to push, so perhaps there is something similar in the works...

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