Minimal Dietary Guidelines

This student short from Florida State University opens with cute children's drawings to display the credits. The story starts with Charles and Rachel wanting to get married. The problem is not that they are six years old - they are, but in the logic of children, they think they can do this. No, the real problem is that Rachel is Jewish, and Charles is not. So, he decides to convert.

The short goes into similar territory as the first Project Greenlight movie, Stolen Summer, but in a strictly humorous way. The acting is pretty decent for a student film (the lead, Kade Coates has done a number of these). The directing is adequate, but it is not much distinguishable from how a textbook would have directed it. You could say the director took the lessons well, but did not expand much further into making the film visually interesting.

Still, I've seen a lot of student shorts, and after a while one starts to appreciate the ones that don't suck.

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