This Charming Man...

Perhaps this is the only film with a trailer that is cut to one of the Smith's first songs, This Charming Man. You can view the trailer here:

This movie is sort of perplexing. The British trailer and the American trailer are different, but both hint that this will be a movie like "A Life Less Ordinary" or any similar hijinx movies. It's not. The movie is a character study about relationships and loneliness. I'm not sure why it's afraid to be that in the trailers or promo material.

Again, we have a movie about the plan. The POV of this plan is not entirely from the instigators, but the target. This is different than A Life Less Ordinary. John is a bank worker in Britain who decides to pick up a mail order bride from the internet. The bride to be is Nicole Kidman's Nadia. John's ready to work through the challenges when her birthday party is interrupted by Nadia's cousins. Nadia and her cousins have a plan. John is compelled to go along.

What we really end up watching is the desparation of John and Nadia. It's not a bad movie, but it could be better.

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