Glitter has been hailed far and wide as one of the worst films in recent memory. Does it really live up (down?) to its reputation?

This movie is a vehicle for singer Mariah Carey, telling the tale of the rise of a singer much like Mariah Carey. The story itself is highly romanticized. Each critical event is dripping with weighty importance which just doesn't connect with the viewer.

It's directed by Vondie Curtis Hall who is certainly capable of good work. Perhaps he even knew the material was questionable - there are places where the reliance on camera moves and snappy editing drowns out the story.

I've accused other films of being feature-length music videos, but Glitter doesn't qualify. There's a lot of music. There's a lot of technique. But there's little connection between the two.

Mainly, I blame the script. Carey may be maligned a lot for her performance, but there really wasn't much material to base a performance upon - I leave open the possibility she could surprise the world with a decent opportunity.

I don't think this is quite the worst I've seen. I can think of movies with much less sincerity, where flight may be the only way of coping with the experience (Battlefield Earth comes to mind). But certainly, I cannot suggest anyone go out of their way to see this, outside of Mariah Carey's most loyal fan base.

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