Is Food still Sex?

Woman on Top deals with familiar themes: infidelity, nausea, a new start, and most of all the sensual nature of food. Okay, maybe nausea has been treated more as window dressing the last decade or so rather than a theme, but you get the idea - this isn't exactly new territory.

It's interesting how films often cater to our cynical sides. In our lives, we start to believe things are a certain way, and refuse to change our minds. I think this film is trying to subtlely break us out of that way of thinking. Or perhaps I'm putting too much meaning into a particular plot turn that caught my attention.

This was my first exposure to Penelope Cruz, and she does well in this, her first starring role in english. Harold Perrineau Jr. is fun to watch, but he gets play the character with the most style. Everyone else is kind of flat and/or one-dimensional.

The film means well, without trying too hard. But at the same time, it doesn't try too hard. The cinematography is ordinary except for some "tasteful" effects sequences (not as extravagant as in the similar Simply Irresistable (1999)). I won't steer you away, but you don't need to go out of your way to see this either.

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