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Alejandro Jodorowsky directed this film as maybe his fourth or fifth movie. He seems to take a lot of time. One of his first movies was the western "El Topo". This movie is a wild ride. It is set in what would now be labeled as a Chris Carter Carnival atmosphere, but this movie predates Carters' TV efforts by many years. Filled with visual oddities, many people will probably over analyze the film with pyscho babble trash. I found my self engrossed in the films plot and pace. A boy witnesses his mother's arms being cut off by his father. Scarred, he bumbles through his life digging deeper into a sort of mental illness. Eventually, he reunites with his mother and becomes her arms. Mix this in with a cult like religion and terrific spanish imagery, and you have Santa Sangre. Could this be the Camp Horror version of Master-Blaster? Worth seeking out. I am waiting for a DVD release as the last VHS copy I saw was a horrible transfer that I found distracting.
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